Reviews for "Homemade Tornado"


i like it

fun to watch

but not fun to listen to. if you go to best buy they have mics for 20 bucks that cut out that annoying background noise with you voice overs. and you're not that inefficient at flash, all of your models moved quite smoothly

Underrated, incredible!

That was amazing, good humor and good voices! Really well made! Lots of nice little animation tricks, really well done! One of the best I've seen on newgrounds. This is what NG is supposed to be all about: quality flashes by people who aren't professionals. Well done, truly one of my favorites. Ending was a bit weak, but I'll forgive that, makes the earlier parts more memorable anyway :)

i felt the need to comment on this

not bad, but can use some work. art was a little lacking, but you did make it look good, even though you use templates most of the time.the voices were ok, but also could've been better.overall, seems like a good start to a series


lol nice work That guy must Learn
nice joob any way