Reviews for "100th"


as the title says......NICE!!!

good game


Excellent, just excellent

Beautiful, a gameplay I never saw before and a simple yet great story. I managed to get in the high scores and I still felt it was really challenging, mainly because the gifts and red balloon challenges are too hard.

Excelent Game, Like always!

Droqen, I'm your fan since you released Fishbane (My favorite personal), I PM'd yo asking for more games, I dunno if you remember :P. I haven't play too much of this game, but I love it so far. I love the fact your games never start easy, since you have to figure out what to do from the start, you have to THINK. The music, as always, awesome.

PS: Why don't you upload Probability 0.
PS2: I hate the fact that I losted my red balloon, and now I can only get blue ones :(

Droqen responds:

Probability 0 is coming; I'm still finishing the flash version (i don't remember which version I sent to you) :3

Thanks a lot! I do remember. Hope you enjoy this one. (Sorry about the red balloon; I know. I know. :'<)

decent game

i got 9 presents but i dont know how many there are overall. would be nice to know how many i missed