Reviews for "100th"

Couldn't play.

I found that you couldn't hold left and jump at the same time. THis made it impossible to get past the first real room.

Droqen responds:

Use other keys. It's a problem with your keyboard, which is why Z, X, V, SHIFT, and CTRL are offered.

Would be a fun game, but...

The arrow keys are glitching up. Pushing right sometimes makes him move left, or other times just freezes him for about 15 seconds,He doesn't stop moving when i let go either. My computer isn't old, and I have the latest Flashplayer, so I don't know what's the cause. But please fix it.


im sorry i give this a one im having problems its not loading for me should fix that

Droqen responds:

Perhaps you could tell me something of use.

I would like to fix this for you, you wonderful person, but I'm not going to go groping in the dark for problems that might not even be there! D:

(Send me a message or something. And maybe next time you should send a useful private message instead of expressing absolutely nothing in an uneditable review :p)