Reviews for "100th"

Funny Game

I liked this game.Nice 8-bit graphics and nice music.


liked it
btw is there a special ending if you finish the game with the red baloon?

Nice concept

I like the concept and pixel graphic, good game IMO

I suggest to change few things

-> make some warning that giving the baloon to the green guy will end the game (I didn't want to but I had no other choise...) or add option to keep playing (I could choose only to view ending or highscores)

-> make possible to go back and take other presents. I went forward and couldn't go back to the previous locations (I just didnt know which way should I choose and I picked up the wrong one before collecting the gifts)

-> add some achievments, info about the missing presents

Fairly good game

I liked this game because it seemed to have a pretty unique premise to it. It was weird to see something from Freeworldgroup without their name billed. The best thing was how you had to come up with some pretty clever ways to keep hold of the balloon. It was also good how well the character bounced everywhere. The downside was that it wasn't that well detailed and could have been more colorful. It is still good enough to recommend.

Again (I should stop saying this) thank you for the walkthrough. The sounds were pretty cheery and gave a good atmosphere to the game. I wish I could figure out what this weird little protagonist is even supposed to be. The graphics were a good classic imitation while still having a fairly modern look. You might want to also put some more music in.

Great game

Great game, I love the style