Reviews for "100th"

As close to perfect.

First i'd like to say sorry. As a fellow developer i know how it is to make a game diffcutly for those of us that like a challenge but to be critizied by the masses because they can't take the time. to understand.

I got 5 presents i did miss one. Which i do plan on going back and getting and my guess is there is a special something for making to the end with the red balloon (or at least there should be :). I Loved the idea for the game i would have been happy to see a few more things for the balloon but the puzzles were amazing and had me thinking pretty hard.
There should be a second on maybe a 101th :) but good job dude. wish the game was longer so i could play more .

Wow this sure needs a new review!
I thought this was very cute and clever. The entire concept seemed so unique, which is awesome to find these days. You've put a lot of effort into this, and I appreciate that! Keep up the good work!


Gameplay is ok and the mechanics of the game were very nice ^w^ its the emotion I got from it that really made me hapy. The ending makes me wanna replay and get more presents aww I feel horrible now lol ^w^ good game

Good, but as i always say:

Every game that is not a killing sandbox should have save! Would be 10/10, but because of no save 8/10

A good time waster (in the good sense)

Always a big fan of old-school-like games, and this one has some good physics to go along with it. I liked the attention to the little details that went into the game. Overall, an easy one to finish, but harder to figure out how to get all the gifts. (Got 5, might go back later an try and get them all)

The only reason it's not a perfect game is I find it's a bit too short. Overall, well done, though.

P.S. Had no problems with controls. + The first gift is not THAT hard to get.

Droqen responds:

Some of the gifts make the game somewhat longer. It's supposed to be pretty easy and short (-ish) before you decide to go for 10!