Reviews for "100th"

Nice game

In the room where the guy says there's no turning back, there's a passage into a room to the left. But then in that next room you can't proceed without a balloon, and there's no way to get a balloon in there. What's the deal? The walkthrough made no mention of it.

Droqen responds:

You can grab a balloon from any blue guy by holding the grab balloon button :)


Ah, my bad. -Tricks-.

You know what i loved the game

Great game, nice idea, characters were great, colours, music, pixel design. Eventually though i gave up i was sooo frustrated, i just wasn't good enough. Only thing i noticed with the game there was a little issue with jumping, sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. All in all great game!


i would also like to see a sqeal

Fun game \o

I disagree with Berder's review
games should be more exigent, not something robotic
on the windy part, apart from thinking a bit, you need skill too
most of the games today are too easy, to get to a truly dificult part you have to play through the entire game
and in most of them, playing for hours to level up or something like that is enough to make it easy

It's very simple, I liked the music (with the balloon) and the way you played with the scenery colours, desing and with the background
it could have some kind of save point
(I accidentally quitted after the windy part x.x)

Droqen responds:


Thanks! Sorry (and also to everyone else) for the lack of savepoint. I always forget that I end up being too good at my own games :x

makes ya think

some of the best puzzles ive seen