Reviews for "100th"


fun yall

It's so adorable!

I wuv bawoons


This is really cool. Nice, simple concept and graphics, and it works really well. Good job.

Fun AND challenging

I have to admit when I first played it I didn't like it. But within a few minutes I found I couldn't stop playing. The first time I played I didn't try to find a lot of the presents and only got 5. I decide that I would not leave it at that and I went back and got 10 :). I was feeling kind of proud so I decided to check out the walkthrough to see if I missed any presents. I was upset to find that compared to the person in the walkthrough I was rubbish. And I was even more irritated when you didn't show the ending. But apart from that slight irritation I really enjoyed this game. I hope you make more in the future.

PS: I don't understand what some people problem is with this game. I mean I finished it so it can't be that hard, right.

awesome but...

no real penalty for this but the preasent get sound byte is a bit annoying you shouldda gone with fanfare but then mabey there was a reason for this and thus im not marking you down for it. otherwise great game, very addictiong.