Reviews for "100th"


Gameplay is ok and the mechanics of the game were very nice ^w^ its the emotion I got from it that really made me hapy. The ending makes me wanna replay and get more presents aww I feel horrible now lol ^w^ good game

Fun game!

I love the minimalistic, retro look. It looks charming~

Couldn't play.

I found that you couldn't hold left and jump at the same time. THis made it impossible to get past the first real room.

Droqen responds:

Use other keys. It's a problem with your keyboard, which is why Z, X, V, SHIFT, and CTRL are offered.

You know what i loved the game

Great game, nice idea, characters were great, colours, music, pixel design. Eventually though i gave up i was sooo frustrated, i just wasn't good enough. Only thing i noticed with the game there was a little issue with jumping, sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. All in all great game!


A Spectacular game, I liked the touch of the flute playing when you get the balloon, i still cant quite figure out what the presents are for. I love this game and I would very much like to see a squeal.