Reviews for "100th"

no clear instructions

well programmed game. Good job. My problem was that I wasn't sure what to do in the game. It seems like some people figured it out but I just ran around a few screens not being able to get anywhere. (yeah I had my balloon)

Charming little game

When I first started up the game, I walked up to the blue guy who told me that if I ever lost my balloon, I could hold the X key next to him to get my balloon back. I thought "Oh neat, does it fly back to me?" and let my balloon drift off into space. Afterward, I promptly stood next to the blue man and held X... and he gave me a blue balloon. I paused for a moment and said "What's this blue shit? Fuck that." and restarted the game to get my red balloon back.

Excellent, just excellent

Beautiful, a gameplay I never saw before and a simple yet great story. I managed to get in the high scores and I still felt it was really challenging, mainly because the gifts and red balloon challenges are too hard.


i would also like to see a sqeal

It's so adorable!

I wuv bawoons