Reviews for "100th"

Ordinarily I like platform games

and you had a clever concept. But you lost me with the windy section. I can't figure out any better way to get that gift on the first windy screen, other than randomly jumping around with like a 5% chance of success. I'd prefer if you kept the puzzles hard but predictable so you can master them, instead of making them randomly hard. "Fake" difficulty.

Droqen responds:

'Randomly' hard? I'll admit the difficulty curve isn't perfect but there is, in fact, a very reliable way to get that balloon. Granted, most people just do the crazy jump -- it's the simpler method to conceive of, even if it's harder to execute.

After testing it out myself, I've also come to the conclusion that you're not very good at mastering things. I just did that jump like five times in a row; no sweat.

If you're going to accuse a game of employing "fake" difficulty, try making sure you have any idea what you're talking about at all.

Oh, and here's a video: (youtube dot com slash) watch?v=whSWpMRztos


I Rage Quitted. Still great game. :S


This is really cool. Nice, simple concept and graphics, and it works really well. Good job.

Good, but as i always say:

Every game that is not a killing sandbox should have save! Would be 10/10, but because of no save 8/10


liked it
btw is there a special ending if you finish the game with the red baloon?