Reviews for "100th"

Fun game \o

I disagree with Berder's review
games should be more exigent, not something robotic
on the windy part, apart from thinking a bit, you need skill too
most of the games today are too easy, to get to a truly dificult part you have to play through the entire game
and in most of them, playing for hours to level up or something like that is enough to make it easy

It's very simple, I liked the music (with the balloon) and the way you played with the scenery colours, desing and with the background
it could have some kind of save point
(I accidentally quitted after the windy part x.x)

Droqen responds:


Thanks! Sorry (and also to everyone else) for the lack of savepoint. I always forget that I end up being too good at my own games :x

As close to perfect.

First i'd like to say sorry. As a fellow developer i know how it is to make a game diffcutly for those of us that like a challenge but to be critizied by the masses because they can't take the time. to understand.

I got 5 presents i did miss one. Which i do plan on going back and getting and my guess is there is a special something for making to the end with the red balloon (or at least there should be :). I Loved the idea for the game i would have been happy to see a few more things for the balloon but the puzzles were amazing and had me thinking pretty hard.
There should be a second on maybe a 101th :) but good job dude. wish the game was longer so i could play more .

I like it. ^^

I made to the end but I only got one present...
Interessting idea and it seems to work just fine. :)

A rather large problem

i have chosen not to downvote because of my problem but ill tell you what it is. Basicly on my laptop whever i am holding 'X' and pressing up to jump the game does not seem to register my pressing the left arrow key, which means i csnt even get passed the second level of this game. this might by a problem with my laptop keyboard but Yeah, kinda cant play the game at the moment.

Droqen responds:

Did you try the other keys?

If not, why can't you read; look around; observe your surroundings? You seem to understand the problem well enough (X and left at the same time).

If none of the alternatives work (Z X V CTRL SHIFT) I'm rather sorry but I guess there's not much I can do ):

(If you figure out a key that'll work fine, let me know and I'll try to add it!)


im sorry i give this a one im having problems its not loading for me should fix that

Droqen responds:

Perhaps you could tell me something of use.

I would like to fix this for you, you wonderful person, but I'm not going to go groping in the dark for problems that might not even be there! D:

(Send me a message or something. And maybe next time you should send a useful private message instead of expressing absolutely nothing in an uneditable review :p)