Reviews for "100th"

Excelent Game, Like always!

Droqen, I'm your fan since you released Fishbane (My favorite personal), I PM'd yo asking for more games, I dunno if you remember :P. I haven't play too much of this game, but I love it so far. I love the fact your games never start easy, since you have to figure out what to do from the start, you have to THINK. The music, as always, awesome.

PS: Why don't you upload Probability 0.
PS2: I hate the fact that I losted my red balloon, and now I can only get blue ones :(

Droqen responds:

Probability 0 is coming; I'm still finishing the flash version (i don't remember which version I sent to you) :3

Thanks a lot! I do remember. Hope you enjoy this one. (Sorry about the red balloon; I know. I know. :'<)

awesome but...

no real penalty for this but the preasent get sound byte is a bit annoying you shouldda gone with fanfare but then mabey there was a reason for this and thus im not marking you down for it. otherwise great game, very addictiong.

Nice game

In the room where the guy says there's no turning back, there's a passage into a room to the left. But then in that next room you can't proceed without a balloon, and there's no way to get a balloon in there. What's the deal? The walkthrough made no mention of it.

Droqen responds:

You can grab a balloon from any blue guy by holding the grab balloon button :)


Ah, my bad. -Tricks-.

A good time waster (in the good sense)

Always a big fan of old-school-like games, and this one has some good physics to go along with it. I liked the attention to the little details that went into the game. Overall, an easy one to finish, but harder to figure out how to get all the gifts. (Got 5, might go back later an try and get them all)

The only reason it's not a perfect game is I find it's a bit too short. Overall, well done, though.

P.S. Had no problems with controls. + The first gift is not THAT hard to get.

Droqen responds:

Some of the gifts make the game somewhat longer. It's supposed to be pretty easy and short (-ish) before you decide to go for 10!


Fun AND challenging

I have to admit when I first played it I didn't like it. But within a few minutes I found I couldn't stop playing. The first time I played I didn't try to find a lot of the presents and only got 5. I decide that I would not leave it at that and I went back and got 10 :). I was feeling kind of proud so I decided to check out the walkthrough to see if I missed any presents. I was upset to find that compared to the person in the walkthrough I was rubbish. And I was even more irritated when you didn't show the ending. But apart from that slight irritation I really enjoyed this game. I hope you make more in the future.

PS: I don't understand what some people problem is with this game. I mean I finished it so it can't be that hard, right.