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Reviews for "SHMUP"


The good part of the game is that its got good clean graphics, enjoyable music, and the controls are crisp. The downside is I did not get the feeling of flying a war machine. It always felt like a cargo hauler that happens to have guns. Its large sluggish with a pea shooter taped onto it. Though I will admit to being a fan of the 194X style of shump Fast agile big weapons and low health.


The ships are far too big. It's relativelly simple and unoriginal. The first boss, you can't escape the small bullets cus they are close together, so no skill, just luck really. Please test your game before releasing it. Thanks. A lot better than other crap here.

Afro-Ninja responds:

you can beat the first boss without getting hit, trust me.

way too f-ing hard

its insane

Can I ask...

Why the difficulty curve is so high, and why there are no healing items in this game? It'll take me a month before I can actually make it to the last level. It's a fantastic game, but if it takes a month to finish then it's not worth the minimal effort of being made into a flash game. Turn this into something you can download off of XBox Live or something if it's not meant to be beaten inside of two weeks.

Good Shoot'm'up but...

... At the end of *little spoiler* BlackHole *End of little spoiler* area1 when i defeated the last ship (crushing it with my ship) my ship kept going like nothing happened and the level never ended...