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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Good game, but too generic

The game is pretty good, but it feels too boring, I feel like I've seen a million of these type of games before

way too f-ing hard

its insane

The Hitbox is the whole ship?! didn't expected....

when i saw the player aircraft's blue orb and a bunch of enemy bullet, I expected the
blue hitbox would be the hitbox and it would be an exciting bullet curtain shooter,
but no, the WHOLE aircraft is the hitbox?! and enemy aircraft directly crash are even
more common than bullets?! i didn't expect that. overall it still a decent shooter,
the soundtrack and 16-32 bit style aircraft design is very nice, i still like it.
(for the lovely aircrafts and music, not for the confusing gameplay)

Good Shoot'm'up but...

... At the end of *little spoiler* BlackHole *End of little spoiler* area1 when i defeated the last ship (crushing it with my ship) my ship kept going like nothing happened and the level never ended...

Ii would give this a ten......

Buuuuuuuuuuuutttttttt..... well i love the difficulty of this game, the graphics are great, i like the sound. but the thing that makes this a 7 for me is that after almost beating the game my saved got deleted on its own.....n still fun but its kind of a saddening setback.