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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Cannot use mouse as a controller ?

Too bad we can not use the mouse as a controller....
But cool game with cool art, cool music and classic gameplay :).

Too damn hard

Good game, but it's too damn hard! I spent an hour fighting the stage 2 boss, and cant beat him!

Not bad but. . .

This is a good game that needs better upgrades. Playing levels over and over again just to gain levels is nice but there are no other upgrades until you get to different worlds. That makes this game frustrating and kind of boring to tell you the truth. I have a ton of money that I can not use because there is nothing left to buy, but can not proceed because the levels are beyond my ships abilities! This makes the game seem very boring to me and that is unfortunate because this game is VERY well done other than the playability. More upgrades, more stats upgradeable is what I think this game needs to make the repeated play of levels more tolerable. Great art work though and the music is pretty cool as well.

Decent enough

This game is hard for the wrong reasons. Levels seem to require memorization which seems like just length padding. Fast ramming units coming from below screen(Area 3) and enemies suddenly changing attack patterns(the Erebos boss where instead of retreating like usual they suddenly decide to ram you). Above that the homing missiles make Erebos too easy and you can nearly stay still shaking off the jellyfish things spamming +15% attack(on top of level) boosted missiles. Area 3 I nearly gave up on just because it became a mishmash of super-speed ramming units coming from behind, but I overcame this by just ignoring the ships' scratch damage. The unit piercing projectiles seemed mandatory just so you could hit the missile spam through the 15 units ahead of them. The final boss was very unique though.

The unit upgrading was a decent addition, but some weapons need descriptions indicating limited range and such. It was too easy to obtain upgrades though, I almost always had enough to max out my ship for the next planet.(Final area was an exclusion where I could only afford the omni mod).

Overall it's a time killer trying to get your over-sized ship to miraculously hit just enough units to get past the level.

An alright game, but needs some improving.

Now when going into this game, I thought, "Hmm. Looks interesting. Doesn't look like the players are too fond of it though" And I can kind of see why. Like most games of this genre, the simplistic approach leaves much to be desired, and the speed of the enemies can be gameplay a bit difficult. Plus the lack of any good things to buy til way later in the game leaves the player thinking "Is this really worth it?"

My major tidpick was the lack of warnings if something was coming from behind. As most players will tend to do, I tend to lag back near the bottom as I mostly expect the enemy to be coming from in front, but when I suddenly see my health decreasing at a drastic rate, then I feel a bit cheated.

But with a bit of finetuning, this game could be a brilliant addition to the genre.
Keep up the good work :D