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Reviews for "SHMUP"

The Hitbox is the whole ship?! didn't expected....

when i saw the player aircraft's blue orb and a bunch of enemy bullet, I expected the
blue hitbox would be the hitbox and it would be an exciting bullet curtain shooter,
but no, the WHOLE aircraft is the hitbox?! and enemy aircraft directly crash are even
more common than bullets?! i didn't expect that. overall it still a decent shooter,
the soundtrack and 16-32 bit style aircraft design is very nice, i still like it.
(for the lovely aircrafts and music, not for the confusing gameplay)

I don't see it

I must admit, the game was fun for 2 levels, but after that, it got repetitive and tedious, I don't see why it's rated THAT well. But it's not bad, probably just not my taste. Maybe you could add difficulty settings, for wusses like me.

Nice, but has some flaws.

it's a good general game, but I think it could use some work. The art and music are great, true. But the controls are a bit annoying, and I dislike the way the upgrade system works. To me, it seems like too complicated and too simple at the same time. I expected more options in the customization, so you could at least do that, or stick to plain old retro-ness. But this seems a little weak.

On a related note, I was somewhat annoyed by how the weapons were set out. Every single weapon that happens to not fire purely in a straight line is on area 3. Everything else is just plain old guns (with a few bonuses later on). And the 'Ghost' gun seems rather pointless. The weapons should be better distributed so that you can use more varied loadouts throughout the game.

Otherwise, it's beautiful, but more should have been spent on gameplay and depth. But it's certainly a good start.

Ii would give this a ten......

Buuuuuuuuuuuutttttttt..... well i love the difficulty of this game, the graphics are great, i like the sound. but the thing that makes this a 7 for me is that after almost beating the game my saved got deleted on its own.....n still fun but its kind of a saddening setback.

Wow! A black hole as..ow! Dont want to spoil the fun:) The first levels were sooo lame (and the weapons weak) but BOY! how it rocketed! Super crisped graphics, liked how you could adjust the turrets in different direction, although it didnt need to put it backwards. There could have been more strategy than just buying the better item. Some guns were not of any use for me, the flamethrower was too lame, the hostile bullets..I did not get it^^Liked the medals, gave it some replaybility. I totally LOVED the black hole effects, that was something refreshing and new to me. Liked the sound design better than the music which was usual techno stuff. Loved the sound when the bosses exploded..did I heard that in Halflife, didnt I? Great spaceshooter!