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Reviews for "SHMUP"


I'll give this a 8/10 cause I really like it but the way it plays is too tacky. It reminds me of the old game Raptor, but that game was made years ago and its way better than this. You need to improve on a lot of things in this. It has a lot of potential, but just not good enough to play all the way through for me. It's more of a "I'm bored" type of game.

Ace custom weapons

The weapon customization was definitely the standout feature of this game, and I loved it, except that it was mostly rather unnecessary throughout the game. Perhaps it was just my fault, stumbling onto the fact that rubber guns set at a very low angle drench the screen in bullets, and are the only noteworthy weapon until the piercing rounds.

What I would like to see to make the system more relevant is weapons broken down into 2 parts: weapon and properties. For example, in the weapon category you could have Machine Gun, Rifle, Cannon, Plasma Wave, Missile, and the like. They would effect the shape, speed, range, and damage of the bullet. Then, customize with different properties, like rubber, piercing, explosive, ghost or whatever have you. That way is I want faint bullets, but like the Plasma Wave, I can have it. If I want a bouncing missile, it's there. Explosive Lasers? Step right up!

Played well, had some fun, if not terribly challenging medals, and was a good time. Keep it up.


Reminds me of how much I love these types of games. While it is fairly annoying that you have only two weapons, it entertained me for awhile, so in that I did enjoy the game. The art is there, it fit the story (though your ship does look...odd) and I wish I could have heard the music, but my speakers are broken, so...

All in all a nice game, very classic, so I thank you for that.

This game rocks!

I like this game. Not becuase its a shooter, because you can upgrade your ship. Everybody loves a game where you can evolve! There are a pleasing amount of levels and i think this game could be a hit!

I agree with Booga and Zzyz on this. This is a wonderful bit of nostalgia with only a couple of flaws that need fixing and couple of more cherries on top to make it brilliant.
Stats and names for enemies would be a great cherry.
Slow manuvering is a minor but frustrating flaw.
Customizable weapon arcs made me go SWEET LORD YES!
It would have been nice to be able to own four of every weapon in the game at once so I didn't have to keep buying and selling them to be able to test out quad mounting every kind. That's really a minor nitpick though.
Regarding the "kill boss with no weapons facing foreward" medal: You don't need to point them down. Just a degree or two off-center will qualify.
Quad homers will let you skate through just about everything but the last couple of levels once you get them.
The music is brilliant. I could listen to the asteroid field theme all freakin' day.
Also, the little touches that most people probably don't pay pay attention to like the impact wrench sound when you work on your ship make it better even if the players don't conciously notice it.