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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Its called a challenge

and this game brings one well. My ships moves vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Its a wide ship and that just makes me quicker to avoid gun fire. Dont be mad because this game is a bit hard, because it is definitely playable and there have been harder games. This game is t he type of hard that warrants replay,and while it isnt "deep" its isnt mindless difficulty, and that goes with respect ^w^

Great space ship shotting game...

This game is an exeptional one...with great maps visuals special effects...like esebtu said yes there are some flaws...the ship is to large and you should trst the guns first..but i give credit for the graphics and the longivity of this game..It only gets repetive after a long while..

BTW...Rupees in spaace

Challenging, Yet Fun

The only big reason why I thought this game was challenging was because the ship was too big and therefore, gives you a big hitbox. Another thing as well is that the ship moves way too slow, even when you upgrade it I seem to have found nothing but slight differences in speed.

But enough of the complaining, this game has great aspects of an arcade shooting game, i've only recently reached the 3rd boss and it's quite challenging and requires the players to think through on how to defeat the bosses, you'll either have to act on instinct or memorization or plain luck. The shop system was very nice, though, I could have liked to see what kind of weapon I would be using.
One thing i'll be using a volcan cannon then I find a weapon that has "cannon" on the name only to find out that it's a close range wave shooter.

Overall, I am really enjoying the game and I will continue to play it until I have completed it.

8/10 Could use a few tweaks, Style was great, Gameplay is perfect for an arcade shooter


copy of jets n guns...but itz a gud game

definitely a sweet game!