Reviews for "SHMUP"

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Very cool and epic, i love it :D

Great Game

I've fought plenty of black holes in my time

But never has one been such a bitch to kill. I was about to give up for a while on World 3, which is refreshing. The game presented a fun challenge almost throughout and I felt driven to play more right until the end. That said, there were one or two things that bothered me about the game.

Firstly, the challenge really felt like it declined in the last world. The invasion was surprisingly easy to push back with the piercing rifle. I tried it again with a different weapon, and the difficulty spike was remarkable. I feel that the game would have been more challenging at the end had the piercing rifle been nerfed.

That, however, leads me to the second problem: a lack of diversity in the shop. The levels were fine on this front, and the bosses were all very different and fun, but the shop items (barring one or two notable exceptions) were all practically identical and played the same way as one another. The guns all shot straight, the engines provided flat speed boosts, the shields had fixed health, and the mods all added to one of the three (or all three) stats. I think diversity adds a great deal of replayability and makes the game feel more organic. Some examples I can think of on how to improve diversity would be shields that can only take one hit but regenerate after a couple seconds, slow engines that provide a rechargable boost, mods that add to xp gain/money drops, and more guns that don't shoot straight. A melee weapon that adds to shields might also work, but seeing as you have a multi-slot system, that might not work here. (the currently only melee weapon was really only useful for destroying missiles and mines for me, which was unfortunate).

It felt to me that, with the low-priority level system (I played for a couple hours and got about a 30% increase to shields), the low weapon diversity, and the retro sound effects, you were trying to modernize old arcade shooters. If that was your goal, I think it worked in most respects, but outside of the (well designed) boss battles, it felt more old than new. It was a solid game, without a doubt, but I feel like it ultimately needs more invention to set it aside from the hundreds of other games in this genre.

Still, I wouldn't dare give such an impressively difficult (and fun) game any less than the 10 it deserves.

Hey bro

This reminds me of Raptor & Tyrian, is this at all inspired from tyrian to be exact?

Afro-Ninja responds:

never played tyrian. my personal inspiration is phalanx from snes


i really like this game its on of the best scrolling shooters ive ever played! great job!

Great game

Secret medals:
-Swain's Medal (10 pts): defeat any boss with all four weapons pointing downwards (easiest to earn on World 3).
-Event Horizon (50 pts): beat the final level (black hole boss).