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Reviews for "SHMUP"

It's ok for this type of game.

Needs power ups as you play. Sides that it's very original with how you can buy different weapons and so on.
I think the big issue though that you're gana get from our critics and everyone keep in mind that there are ALOT of these types of games. Don't prejudge this.

the right mix of classic recipes with originality

The game starts slow, but it gets better. The amount of different weapon configurations found in later worlds (spread, piercing, homing, backwards firing, ..) allows you to find just the right build for each level, which is a tactical element rarely seen in SHMUPs. And it's necessary, too, since the last levels are very challenging.

I've just killed the final boss and got the last medal, and I'm glad I kept playing after the first slow levels.

Cannot use mouse as a controller ?

Too bad we can not use the mouse as a controller....
But cool game with cool art, cool music and classic gameplay :).

It was ok.

Nothing great, my main issue with the game was the ships slow bulky movement. More into the Ikaruga style but thats not why you got a six. As the comments below say (Specifically the one that sais "A little to dry") well thats exactly what i felt. The game seemed dry.
BUT HEY! you did ok as far as a lack of delay on controls, quality. It wasn't bad just got a little bored a little to fast.


You call it classic, i call it unoriginal.