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Reviews for "SHMUP"

good idea

this game is not as bad as some peeps said before.
Its actualy a great game and the topic shoot em up has been put into practice very well.

However, minor flaws are the fact that you have to grind to get nice equipment (grinding...shmup... the heck?). I think grinding does not belong to these games.
also, some enemy positions are just unfair and frustrating. For example, these guys dashing from the bottom of the screen rith onward to you is just evil.
well, at least you dont die by the first hit. this would have been even worse :P

about the hitpoints-thingy. its a good idea you brought in there and it remembers me a liddle to the game RefleX (which every shmup-fan should have played at least once). However, the hitbox is big. very big. kinda too big for my taste. in other shmups, the hitbox is rather small (not to mention touhou with a 4x4 pixel hitbox :P).the hitbox here is so large its hard to dodge stuff.
By the way, ususaly, the bullets are poping out of the enemy mass so that you can see and dodge them properly. In the onslaught in the game, its hard to see the tiny bullets and so its as hard to dodge them.

So, I give you 5/5 points, but only 8/10 in a review because of the flaws. Still, its a very good shoot em up where the creative ideas of great desighn and a upgrade shop definetly overshade the flaws.

keyboard stuck?

It's a very good game with lots of potential but my keyboard seems stuck aka i can barely move. I want you to fix this as it makes it impossible 4 me to pass lvl 1 (either that or I suck :/ )

Pretty good

I like the game art and the controls were decent. The weapons weren't as cool as I thought they'd be (like the rock launcher lol) but they were decent none the less... . My one gripe is that the game started running rather slow once I started using the homing missile... you might wanna check your code and make sure that the missiles are getting deleted if your treating them as a separate object from other projectiles.

Pretty good

It's a good game with nice graphics, sound and controls.
But the ship is way too large. Sometimes you cannot dodge enemies and/or their shots, and that's really frustrating. And the possibility of testing weapons before you purchase them would be good, because some expensive weapons suck, and finding that out after you bought three of them for all your hard earned money....well, sucks, too.
Overall, a good game with some flaws.

bad, game is bad.

when i looked at the game picture it looked ok.....while it was loading i read reviews and i thought to myself "haters are just going to hate no matter what" but they are right ......dry is an understatement. this game sucks, dude. the controls suck, the weapons suck, and the game sucks. the upgrades BARELY help, the controls are SLOOOOOOW, and every other game i've played like this was better.