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Reviews for "SHMUP"

I really Wanted to like this game.

I love shumps and bulletstorm games, this one has some great programming and wonderful art, the only problem is the colors. All the colors are pretty grey and dark and they all kind of blend together, and maybe you were trying to do this on purpose to make it harder but as a player I feel like it is a fault of the game more than my own. It would be a much better game if the colors clearly stood out for the bullets and ships. Just my two cents.

Great, but needs a few improvements.

To Shawn (Afro Ninja): As much as I liked your escape games--as well as your video submission--it's nice for you to do something different.

To Hyptosis: Nice to see you attempt custom spriting.

To Josh (Kelwynshade): Great job on the music, but more on that later...

When it comes to the graphics, the spritework and backgrounds are excellent, along with many of the enemies. However, the player craft is needlessly huge, not aesthetically pleasant to look at, and has bad aerodynamics. I think that Hyptosis should've consulted with some CA.org members who know a few things about spacecraft design. Plus, I suggest that you cut down on the blur effects, it makes older computers lag. The music, of course is a blast to listen to and fit the game real well. On the other hand, I think this could have used better sound effects. Last, but not least, the gameplay. So far, I have enjoyed this, but when you have good ammount of bullets on screen, a smaller hitbox would have helped. That, and a faster pace. Now, I know that not every flash space shooter should be like Matt Roszak or MaelstormM, but a faster pace could have helped. Plus, I have to agree with what Amway on adding a combo system to spice things up. Of course, it's still solidly made and addictive, so that settles it.

What I liked:
-Great experience system
-Top notch music
-Great spritework

What I didn't like:
-A combo system would have been nice.
-The player ship doesn't look capable of flight, nor is it pleasing to look at.
-Plus, it's hitbox is too big.
-Could have used less filters.

Overall: I'll keep playing this, and for all three of you: A nine out of ten.

Ace custom weapons

The weapon customization was definitely the standout feature of this game, and I loved it, except that it was mostly rather unnecessary throughout the game. Perhaps it was just my fault, stumbling onto the fact that rubber guns set at a very low angle drench the screen in bullets, and are the only noteworthy weapon until the piercing rounds.

What I would like to see to make the system more relevant is weapons broken down into 2 parts: weapon and properties. For example, in the weapon category you could have Machine Gun, Rifle, Cannon, Plasma Wave, Missile, and the like. They would effect the shape, speed, range, and damage of the bullet. Then, customize with different properties, like rubber, piercing, explosive, ghost or whatever have you. That way is I want faint bullets, but like the Plasma Wave, I can have it. If I want a bouncing missile, it's there. Explosive Lasers? Step right up!

Played well, had some fun, if not terribly challenging medals, and was a good time. Keep it up.

Awesome Stuff

I love the graphics to this simple yet addicting game. You have many choices whether or not you want to boost the current settings on the ship, go back to previous areas and have somewhat challenging bosses to fight, depending what you have equipped. The three areas of the ship upgradeable are the engine, weapons, and your defense shield for a more controlling environment. The areas aren't short which does provide a challenging aspect to the overall game. I would give it a solid ten stars only if you could also upgrade the appearance of the ship to at least be able to have even more control over your overall game. Please keep up the good work and I sincerely hope to see a SHUMP2 in the future and to at least see this win an award for something other than "Daily 3rd Place" because it deserves much more recognition.

Code Zig BEOCH!!!!

This game is sick I love the sprites used with it... and the game is challenging so it makes me want to play it more, great game! 10/10