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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Cool game!!

It let me remember chlidhood.
Until now...I never finish it. (T_T)

Challenging, Yet Fun

The only big reason why I thought this game was challenging was because the ship was too big and therefore, gives you a big hitbox. Another thing as well is that the ship moves way too slow, even when you upgrade it I seem to have found nothing but slight differences in speed.

But enough of the complaining, this game has great aspects of an arcade shooting game, i've only recently reached the 3rd boss and it's quite challenging and requires the players to think through on how to defeat the bosses, you'll either have to act on instinct or memorization or plain luck. The shop system was very nice, though, I could have liked to see what kind of weapon I would be using.
One thing i'll be using a volcan cannon then I find a weapon that has "cannon" on the name only to find out that it's a close range wave shooter.

Overall, I am really enjoying the game and I will continue to play it until I have completed it.

8/10 Could use a few tweaks, Style was great, Gameplay is perfect for an arcade shooter


Difficult for the wrong reasons

I like SHMUPS. I really do. This game is an example of nice idea, bad execution. Let's start with the good:

Sound: None of the music tracks are terrible or grating on the nerves, and are generally pleasant to listen to. Ships make standard exploding noises upon destruction, and none of the sounds effects are annoying.

Controls: There aren't any problems here, as far as I can tell. You push to go in a direction, the ship does as instructed. You tap or hold Z to fire, and it will do just that.

And now it's time for the bad.

Graphics: While the weapon graphics are alright, everything else is pretty boring appearance-wise. Nearly everything is a shade of grey, with some VERY dark red lines thrown in on a number of the enemies, and this isn't even getting to the ship the player is forced to look at. Your ship is, quite simply put, ugly - it looks like something one would create using whatever they find in a space junkyard. Your ship is also needlessly large, its gigantic hitbox making the player a flying bullseye, given the sheer number of bullets the enemies can have flying everywhere.

The enemies range from non-threatening to overpowered death machines that feast on tears. One enemy in particular, found in level 2 of world 4, resembles a metallic sphere. It flies in from the northern edge of the screen - when it gets close enough to you, it fires a huge number of player-tracking missiles in every direction. Then there's another enemy (it first appears in world 1) that fires a high-speed bullet that stops once it reaches a certain point, then starts moving again. They're pretty harmless when there's only a few of them, but later on in the game you start finding them in packs. In (I believe) world 4, we are introduced to a metal sphere that fires quick-moving bullets in every direction, then teleports, only to repeat the process. God help you if you have to deal with two or more of them.

There's also some really cheap surprise attacks: in some levels, a few enemies will fly in from the southern edge of the screen to try to ram into you. You get absolutely no warning beforehand, and as such it is fairly likely a newtime player will be killed because of an unforseeable sneak-attack. In level 3 of world 4, an enemy resembling a yellow mine is introduced that emits a yellow light. If you touch this yellow light, two enemies fly in from the rear to ram into you. These yellow sirens have a lot of health, and you're being assaulted by other irritiating foes while trying to avoid them, so you most likely won't be able to destroy them all. Trial-and-error gameplay is not fun, and only adds artificial difficulty.

Most of the weapons are basically useless - the faster ones are offset by low power, while the high-powered weapons are offset by a lower firing rate, as is to be expected. However, once you are able to buy two E-99 Rubber Cannons, and aim them at the east and western edges of the screen, you will find that they cover the screen in a flurry of bullets that renders every other weapon before them, and all but one of the weapons AFTER them, vastly inferior. The weapon after them that remains useful is the F-22 Relentless Rifle, whose shots pass through enemies without stopping. The Relentless Rifle and Rubber Cannon are the only weapons you will ever need.

(As an aside: What exactly does the G-90 Ghost Cannon do? It says it "fires faint projectiles", but what does that mean? That they're hard to see? If so, how is that helpful?)

Difficulty: As I've said before, a huge hitbox, some cheaply designed enemies and unforseeable surprise attacks do not a good challenge make. Compounding this is the EXP system, which supposedly makes you stronger, but it's basically impossible to "level grind", since enemies give less and less EXP each time you level up, and bosses only give EXP the first time they're defeated.

This game has potential, but the flaws are quite glaring.

Great, but with glitchy final boss...

This is a great game, but the final boss has annoying glitches. the biggest and most annoying ones are where things hit you if it even gets near you, the mini black hole is almost impossible to avoid, and the fact where if you die when it makes fake copies of your ship, the game freezes. I will give 10/10 if you can fix these.

it's hard >:(

yet addicting :)