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Reviews for "SHMUP"


The game itself would be great if it wasn't so hard to get ahead. I was stuck on Level 3. Come on! That's just ridiculous! Failing it one time is acceptable, but making it that difficult is just so frustrating. What makes it worse is that grinding would take days. That and the shop's lack of merchandise. The upgrades are cheap, sure, but they are cheap because they don't really help. Again, I wouldn't mind that if there was a way around it, like more weapons and stuff. But, the first shop only has two new weapons, and they both suck.

Look, this could be one hell of a game if it wasn't so damn hard. I mean, I was just playing Bullet Heaven, and I think this is harder. If that isn't crazy, tell me what is. Anyway, at this point, to be quite honest, this game is not worth the trouble. So, screw this, I'll go play a real shooter. *cough cough* Starwish *cough cough*

Oh, and to TheLoom, they are on the front page because all the other games suck even more.

Holy mother fucking Awesome!

This game is FUCKING HARD! That being said aside I can get to the other points of this game.

1st- As players pointed out, you need to learn patterns. I thought this meant for the mission, but thats not true. you need to learn the pattern of specific enemies.
FORTUNATLY you give us a chance to replay past missions and to test out the way we deal with a new enemy. So the focus is on seeing an enemy, remembering their attack pattern and countering it.

I've played Raiden and other similar games but this is the first time I've had to adapt to in this way and learn to play this way.

Some people complained about enemies coming from behind where you can't hit them. To that I say, who gives a fuck. Those enemies never shoot at you till the Coeus Mission and even then they are very predictable and easy to deal with. Stay more than 1/2 way up the screen and jsut dodge them.

One of the common complaints down below is that the hit box is too big. For all of you who say that...NOT TRUE. Once you learn an enemies pattern of attack, all you need to do is move, at most 1/2 an inch. The computer is predictable. It aims to the spot where you are standing. Just move away a bit and your fine. In fact the other thing is that you DO NOT need to kill every enemy on the screen.
This game has a high learning curve and you really need to adopt to it.
The very first black hole mission involved me staying in 1 spot(middle of the map) and shooting everyting in front of me with minor 1/2 inche dodging of large asteroids. When the enemy started shooting than I had to be more aware.

Yes, the game was frustrating as all fucking hell, but the most amazing thing of this game is the final boss! That was ingenuative as all hell and a fun boss fight! I still ahve to beat it, but fighting the boss right now is just so much fun to watch and play!

Did I really have to grind my way thru some levels? I don't know. I will be replaying it with my mind on the above notes.

All the props aside, there is one issues.

1. After fighting the boss 6 times, the game crashed on me 3 times.

So Im giving you a 9.

For all those reading...
High challenge rate. prepare to be frustrated as all fuck unless you learn to be smart.




+ The keys are easy to use and the reaction of every key hit is really good

+ The patterns of attacks are nice and overviewable it is not a mess of all lasers or bullets...

- The game gets too quickly into a grind fest

- You lower the xp per area not good at all this makes your game even harder as it is already

- No health stuff or even shields this makes it rly difficult

- Your shop overview could be better each stuff has it's icons but still you need to read what is what too much

- Your shop lacks stuff to protect us more you need to crank that up


+ The game has a nice and varied amount of audio but there could be a bit more difference maybe add another 2 different you can change

+ The bullets sounds and damage and all are nicely done and have a clear sound to it

- A bit low on the variation of different sounds they are a bit alike


+ The ships details and enemy details are very good as well as the background and menu borders.

+ The different bullet looks are good


- Doesn't offer us much extra's it's a general top down shooter .

Verdict: Good


is a general top down shooter like we all know it
it's gameplay is smooth and easy to control and it's audio is good
but it lacks gameplay moments the shop is too low on stuff to well equip you for next battle.
It also doesn't have the health or shield power ups this making the game even harder then it normally is.
You'll also have to grind your way through the levels from early level on.

I wouldn't recommend this game to play unless you wanna pass time or check your game reaction senses and if you of course love to grind.


+ Have a nice overview in your shop

+ bring power ups ( health + shields ) in your game then your difficulty level will drop a bit

+ Don't decrease the xp value after a player levels up keep it as it is and give more xp and jewels later on as they progressed in game

+ Have a bit of audio change didn't went really far in your game so I don't know if other planets have a different audio track but still.

+ Have more stuff in your shop to crank up the player's ship like for example after they beat a level or so this is an extra reward for the time and skills players used to beat a level.

Well with these I think you can crank up your game a lot more and then it would be nicer and smoother to play it and still have a difficulty too it.

Your game now gets frustrating and quickly boring cause of the grind fest already in the beginning.


you need an option to mute the music!please

Afro-Ninja responds:

press 'm'

Great job over all

I for one say you did a great job. The game play is smooth and balanced. The downsides of the game play in my opinion is that it does get a bit difficult. Perhaps you can give people the option of difficulty.

Besides game play, the only other problem I have is the story line, or lack there of. I would suggest throwing some characters in there. People need to grasp a game emotionally to really enjoy it. Perhaps there is dialogue mid way through a level? What about the bosses? Is this just a mindless hoard of random ships? Or is there a greater threat? Work on that, and it would be very easy to overlook the minor faults of game play.

Over all you did a fantastic job though.