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Reviews for "SHMUP"

More uplifting music?

Gameplay was nice, nice graphics and art. Although I gotta agree with some people here about the music being bland. I liked Damura, Coeus and the menu soundtracks. Especially the boss battle music was corny. No disrespect to the Kelwynshade, just my opinion. The ending was a let down really...such an easy battle. And the audio just made me depressed. I hoped for a more motivational and encouraging soundtrack at the end, to (at least try to) make me feel like the hero.

All in all, it was fun to play :) I really liked the concept of being able to turn the guns. Great job!

Suggestions for a sequel:
- More motion animation when you go side to side
- Shields would be nice
- Temporary upgrades in-game
- Different ships with unique capabilities (faster, tougher etc.)
- Of course new weapons and all that jazz
- Freaky alien shit!


its a good game but how am i supposed to get through level 3 with that puny stuff in the shop? im giving this a 5 becaus it really needs to have more items early on


it wasn't bad for the first few levels, but after that it gets old. fast. And after level 1 everything becomes a flurry of cluster****ed enemies and bullets. I dont see how anyone can get past the first world, let alone the whole game.


annoying sounds , and same old game play , slightly intresting graphics

not great

Its a good shooter, but I dont see anything new brought to the game. the graphs arent exceptional, the upgrades are standard, enemies are standard.

the docking bay menu seems a little unfinished. I didnt really like the upgrade system and menu. leveling up is oke, but of no importance if you cannot relocate points to certain strengths. In this game I dont see added value

navigation with the x and z key was weird I had to get used to it.

all in all, decent game but absolutely missing any creativity imo. I stopped at world 3

Also some levels seem a tad hard suddenly, so 1 lvl doable then very difficult and next level pretty easy again, seemed weird at some points

@tenginTM; I dont think you played the second world 'cause without upgrades and double fire not getting hit?? i dont think so