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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Absolutely nothing new

It works okay, but it doesn't do anything that hasn't been done before.

Fluid but flawed.

It's a beautiful bread-and-butter top-down shooter but there are some hiccups. The ship is far too large to dodge properly and certain enemies will rush in at unpredictable moments and crash into you. Sometimes it seems impossible to not die without prior knowledge of the level, which is silly. Though I wouldn't call the game difficult it could do with some slowing down.

Dosen't save your progress.

It's a good game, I like how hard it is and it dose need more stiff to buy. Mainly weapons, but it doesn't save your progress at all. Like it says it dose. So I'm giving this a 4.


its boring.. i tried to play it as long as i can take but its so boring there are only few choice of weaps and stuff and enemies are the same.. i would not waste a lot of time just to see something new then to repeat it again and again..

i won't mind playing a game that takes a lot of time but doing it again and again w/out fun and excitement is.. just.. *yawn.,

The Hitbox is the whole ship?! didn't expected....

when i saw the player aircraft's blue orb and a bunch of enemy bullet, I expected the
blue hitbox would be the hitbox and it would be an exciting bullet curtain shooter,
but no, the WHOLE aircraft is the hitbox?! and enemy aircraft directly crash are even
more common than bullets?! i didn't expect that. overall it still a decent shooter,
the soundtrack and 16-32 bit style aircraft design is very nice, i still like it.
(for the lovely aircrafts and music, not for the confusing gameplay)