Reviews for "SHMUP"


I had only one problem with this game :
The sounds were delayed.
I dont know the cause of this,because the game looks light (since the graphics doesnt lag) and other heavy games doesnt have sound delayed.
I guess its how you coded,but thats okay.

Very nice concept.
Nice art (specially the planets arts)
Somewhat a good soundtrack,specially the main track.
Variation of places and enemies,as well as an upgrade system.
Good balance on difficulty.Not so easy,but not so hard.
Display of highscores on each planet.

Delayed sound effects.
A lack of story (although thats not really a problem in a Shoot Em Up game)
Maybe more improved art on menu and ships(Not saying its bad.Saying that maybe it could be a bit more "Wonderful")
A radar could be useful in some situations.

A little bit of polish and this game could go even farther.But it is good as it is now.



Very awesome game,exceeding all expectations.

Real easy but...

The game was marvelous but like all games:

Computer is a computer. With out a good game playing computer and graphic card. Games like these tends to cause problems-That and the internet- With out some thing to really give you a good "ping" then this game isn't going to show much results. I've had problems with a lot of creators who design games like these-mostly from what I've experience. It's not always the game's fault-

Your game is inspiring and very creative. The music though some times I wonder if you couldn't find any other "ideas" to make since a few planets had the same theme to it when it came towards the boss.

One of your levels, evolving those rock looking creatures that stick to your ship. Evolves you hitting the "left" and "right" arrow keys rapidly. How ever either it's my computer or your game. They refuse to come off. Though I suppose it's just me.

Well. Hopefully you'll make a game that has a lot of new things to gain from. Expecting a lot more upgrades, tons of new ships, area's to battle on. Sure all games take loads of time to create.

I just can't wait to see a game with "tons and tons and tons" of upgrades, selection, things to buy and so fourth.

Yup its a top-down shooter

If you like top-down shooters, you'll like this. Ability to customize weapons is good, but you unlock weapon slots? I didn't care for that, What if i wanted 3 weak guns as opposed to one sniper? I noticed you can change gun dirrection, but that wont really help till you have three guns, huh? Also the strong-slow shot gun is supposed to have higher dps than the rapid fire to make it more effective against crafts with high health (you might be overwhelmed by tons of trash but not by the heavy crafts, or the other way around for rapid-fire guns) soundtrack and graphics were good, though you can hide your ship pretty far off the screen if you fly back enough. It really lacked the bells and whistles to make it an incredible game though. All the weapons are standard projectiles. What about missiles, lasers, waves, chain attacks. The only items that drop are money, and I end up dying alot trying to pick them up. Can i has money magnet plz? By the colors of the gems I thought you were going with the LoZ rupee system (green = 1, blue = 5 etc.) but i never found out for sure... The world 2 boss was alot easier than the two heavy fighters just before it... I often ended up dieing before fighting the boss. So yeah, it feels like a beta.

Slightly off target

First off, I like any SHMUP that allows you to get more powerful by more means than picking up powerups. The leveling-up system was implemented well, and every time I hit that XP mark, it felt like I was getting stronger. The shop didn't feel quite AS complete, though. It took me until world 3 to find any kind of specialty weapon, and even then, I still found a majority of them still acted alike. Not to mention I barely felt stronger every time I purchased a new engine or shield, with the ship mods proving to be a lot more worth my while (and cheaper, too).

However, I think the main problem with this game is one tiny little design oversight. Next time you create a shooter, I ask that you please not make the ship the actual size of the player's fist. It's absolutely impossible to maneuver this piece of crap through tight spaces and come out unharmed, even with extensive speed upgrades. Because of this, I end up creating what's more akin to a flying fortress that can take a million points of damage or just kill everything outright before it becomes a problem instead of focusing on actual speed and skill. In this sense, the entire game becomes counterproductive as soon as world 2, and it really took a lot out of the experience for me.

All in all though, this game isn't so bad. If you're going to have RPG elements, though, you may as well go the full nine yards. Maybe introduce different ships with differing pilots and passive traits that help differentiate them. Throw in a skill system that gives players the chance to save themselves in tight situations. And of course, it is a cardinal sin to have ANY shooter not have bombs, so I suggest you get on that. Your heart's in the right place; now you just need to take full advantage of your game's potential.