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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Wait a minute...

Awesome game, nice art, and pretty challenging. However, I did notice how the lights on Damura look exactly like Europe.

Furstrating but fun

Probably one of the most rage inducing, but at the same time fun scrolling shooters I've played. The fact that the game is truly challenging is what makes it fun, so I find it hard to believe the amount of reviews that simply complain that the game is too hard and rate it down. I guess people nowadays just sit back and play games not for the challenge and accomplishment but to just fry brain cells. Sure the hectic fights in just about every level are hard, but hell do people not enjoy trying over again and finally beating it? Or do people just lose like 3 times and rage quit. Anyways enough of my ranting, back to the actual review.

The gameplay was great and each level brought harder and harder challenges with even more frustrating enemies that now not only fired straight lines but every single direction. I really liked the idea of upgradable weapons, armor, and speed, however some of the weapons did seem a little pointless. As others mentioned, the weapons that fired slower generally didn't do a sufficient amount of damage to be effective and I just ended up going with ones that fired faster since there were always such ridiculous amount of enemies.

The sounds and music were good quality and unlike some other shoots didn't grow old after one level, possibly because there were so many enemies at every second that you never really had time to notice the music, but that's totally ok.

The one thing that got me was the fact that levels really had no replay value because the amount of experience you received each time you completed it decreased. However, this does prevent grinding and getting overpowered and making the game too easy, which was what I ranted about for the first half of this. The achievements however had me going back to the older levels and added even more fun challenges to the game.

Overall a very well made, crazy, hectic, shooter that's lots of fun. Great Job

Can I ask...

Why the difficulty curve is so high, and why there are no healing items in this game? It'll take me a month before I can actually make it to the last level. It's a fantastic game, but if it takes a month to finish then it's not worth the minimal effort of being made into a flash game. Turn this into something you can download off of XBox Live or something if it's not meant to be beaten inside of two weeks.

A great game, but a few extras to make it epic

This is a solid game you have put together. Only a few things you could have added to make it better.

A survival mode would have been great. Being able to just fight your way through endless enemies is always a good time.

Another mode that would have been nice is a Mission mode. Complete this objective or kill only this kind of enemy, something like that.

While the weapons themselves were great, it would have been nice to have some sort of engineering upgrade (I.E. an extended Pulse Cannon shot or an extra rebound on the Rubber Cannon), either a very high priced upgrade or as a prize for completing certain missions or getting certain medals.

That's about all I have to say about this game except that I don't understand what people are complaining about that its a hard game. I had no trouble with it. The upgrades came nicely and it didn't seem to be slow going. So, Good Job!

I have only one question. HOW are people getting such a high score on the first and second worlds? I got a perfect score on all levels with no damage and all enemies destroyed and I see scores higher than mine. Does it have to do with what gun I use?

to dam hard but, ok game overall

the games individual elements were ok, but all of them have major flaws, for exampl Y THE FUCK IS THE SHIP SO DAM SLOW after world 2 the rapid amount of enemy fire easily overwhelms ur big giant ship accumpanied by the occasional suicide atttack from behind. the weapon systems were very weak if compared to enemy guns, while it mite take 5 shots from a players gun to destroy a standard drone enemy two of there shots take down half ur health, WTF. if u could rebalance some of those things in the game i could have given it almost a 10. and btw the bosses are just impossible