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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Was fun!

for a while atleast, but then the repetitive actions got boring, but good game though

congrats on finding a good team Hyptosis

You obviously worked really hard on this, but I bet you also had a lot of fun.

Hyptosis, as I mentioned in my review for 'The Kitemaster', your technique is very good. You are well on your way to becoming a very special talent.

Keep up the good work, and I hope your next project will be something really special.


Finally beat it great game hard as shit tho

Like the game but...

The weapon upgrades are what bother me the most. I understand slow/powerful, fast/weaker but some of the upgrades arent even worth getting. I only used the starter canon,homing missiles, and shoot through objects, the rest were garbage. The last upgrade on the black hole mission cannot compare to to the shoot through everything, the dps of the weapon doesnt match the fact I can shoot like 4 guys with the same bullet.

The other thing that bothered me were guys coming from behind w/o warning, especially since you are constantly forced to the bottom of the screen, even with the lazer of death that does crap ton of damage but you dont see it till you lose half your hp..

Its one thing to be hard, which I like, its another thing to basically take a crap ton of damage with no warning/impossible to dodge scenarios.

a very good game

up until the point that my save progress got wiped for no apparent reason!