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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Alright but need improvements

I think it's wonderful, but I can't seem to pass thru black hole 1st level. I was expecting more on the new weapon in black hole level, but the antimatter gun doesn't standout.

The weapons that I use the most are rubber, relentless and pulse, the rest seems useless.

The best shmup I've played, yet!

I normally hate shmups. I normally don't give them the time of day unless they're really old classics that I fondly remember and always wished I could have been better at. This one I actually played through to the end without questioning it.

About a poor review this game got: recently, Dwarf Fortress got a write-up at Slashdot and if you didn't know that vaguely roguelike RTS had a bad menu interface before, you'd know it after reading the /. comments. All of a sudden it's hip for every pompous windbag to criticise a game's menus and interfaces. I don't know what kind of too-busy crowd wants their shmup perfectly modularized with their spreadsheet program or pipelined through vii, but there's not a god damned thing wrong with the shop and garage menus, and if the other menu options are distracting you too much, maybe you should up your ritalin dosage.

What's obvious is that the critic never got very far in the game. Early on, some ships that appear to be accompanied by entourage of fighters show up again in full speed coming at you like tetris blocks. And some big bulbous ships you thought would always be harmless don't seem so harmless when they are hemming you in from all corners four at a time. There's not a ship wasted in the whole game and anybody who believes otherwise simply didn't play far enough.

The first levels of each planet are perfectly balanced to give you a taste of what to expect in the rest of the planet's stages without giving too much away or discouraging you from going on. There are a few spots where you'll have to find the exact right combination of weapons to equip to get through a stage and others where you'll be fine if you just go balls to the wall with the craziest shit you have in your inventory.

It's a great game and I spent two hours beating it.


Otherwise feeled like decent game but after 1st play then came back to play game wont start in "press enter to start" anymore :(

Good game....sort of

A pretty Decent game but, I think all I can say was said by the one below me.
And oh yeah is shmup an abbreviation for shoot em up?

Good Work

Growing up on the NES and Atari, I'm a bit of a "simple is always better person." All you need are 1-2 buttons, a control panel, and something to pause the game when you need to take a piss (screw you Atari). That being said I really enjoyed the fact that it was just a strait forward shooter game, for the most part. It reminded me a lot of an NES game called Starship Hector (youtube that one). A bunch of random bullets flying around and you trying to dodge them and take out other units all the while, so you get points from me for nostalgia.

Moving on though, I did find some drawbacks that hurt the game in my opinion. The first is that some of the ships were just roadblocks. If they're not trying to kill me then why are they there? It's obviously me vs. everyone, so why would the enemy bring ships that can't even fire back? It's fine that some are trying to crash into me without firing, but most were just sitting there with no purpose other than something to shoot and gain xp.

The bottom of the screen lets me go so far down that I can barely see my ship. The point is for me to protect my ship, so why make it so I have difficulty seeing where all of my ship is at? Needs to so that 100% of the ship is always in view, as to avoid any damage.

My biggest complaint is the the upgrade shop. This is where you lose the great, simple, retro controls that I enjoyed so much during the first part of the game, and go playstation on me. There are way too many options in the docking bay, and the controls just get sloppy. You don't need elaborate parts, garage, medal collection, or the diagnostic lab. It takes up space and serves no purpose to the main point of the game, not to mention the keys for the options are just bad. Like 'X' to exit 'Z' to confirm, left click to select, move mouse to change selection, alt f4 to self destruct. Stick with one or the other, because right now neither controls are working. The controls are so bad in this section that I gave up 30 seconds in on upgrading but, still managed to progress in the game, so the hassle is not needed. The whole process needs to be simplified! I get so many xp points for killing things, then I can up my armor, weapons, speed, etc. All you need is a simple + option and it's already better.

Again, it's a classic style game, but a lot more time should have been spent on the controls and concept rather than the music and art. Both were ok, but neither of which make the game as a whole any better. I could be flying the Death Star shooting a ray-beam of kittens while The Beatles sing 'Can't Buy Me Love,' but unless things are fixed I'm still only playing this for 10 minutes.