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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Nice game

However, my save file was deleted... and I don't remember deleting the file... Does this game really auto-save?

Also, not all the songs from the game are on the side of the page in the song section. They were really good and fit the game, I want to hear them all, and I'm sure others do too, you should post them all.

Great game!

It`s a great game:
i dunno if you guys have ever played "hell fire", its a classic and its really alike..
but whatever; beautiful graphics, you got a great soundtrack, good special effects; its heck of a game. Kudos keep up the good work; i really like to play your games

its very cool the game

but its need to be a mute button

Afro-Ninja responds:

press m

the music

its fun and rather challenging. awesome when you finally get it. but you could just mute the music ._.

Nice, but has some flaws.

it's a good general game, but I think it could use some work. The art and music are great, true. But the controls are a bit annoying, and I dislike the way the upgrade system works. To me, it seems like too complicated and too simple at the same time. I expected more options in the customization, so you could at least do that, or stick to plain old retro-ness. But this seems a little weak.

On a related note, I was somewhat annoyed by how the weapons were set out. Every single weapon that happens to not fire purely in a straight line is on area 3. Everything else is just plain old guns (with a few bonuses later on). And the 'Ghost' gun seems rather pointless. The weapons should be better distributed so that you can use more varied loadouts throughout the game.

Otherwise, it's beautiful, but more should have been spent on gameplay and depth. But it's certainly a good start.