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Reviews for "SHMUP"

To hard

Seriously you made the first boss to hard after you destroy his two cannons and head he becomes impossible but the overall gameplay is pretty good 5/10

so hard

omg this game is so hard >.<

Hey? What's a good way to piss off players?

I know: Large enemies who run in from fullscreen all the way to the bottom where the player probably is in half a second and are too bulky to die in that time period, the running into of which will take away a significant amount of health... with no warning! Also, maybe some lasers and warping enemies who appear behind you more often than in front.

Other than that it was ok, but implementing that sort of enemy types without even a rudimentary warning system is a serious top down shooter faux-pas. It isn't good if I have to take to memorizing enemy spawn order in order to navigate without losing half of my health just because of my preferred neutral screen position.

Addictive and fun.

I have to say, this is an excellent throwback to the greater, more challenging days of video games. I found the game highly addictive, with good controls and challenging mechanisms. The graphics and sound are fine as they are, and I like that all the minor things like saving are taken care of--I the player just have to PLAY, and little more. Very simple and sleek.

I also have to say that that was one of THE greatest boss battles EVER. Mainstream gaming needs more bosses like these, who actually make you WANT to come back and fight instead of quitting in frustration. I liked every single move the last boss dished out, and it was hugely satisfying to figure them out and subsequently navigate that black hole's ass like a real space cowboy.

I think the weapons and upgrades were fine and dandy, though sometimes I wondered why the damage percentages were so high, and I noticed there is no real reference for what "9" damage or "4.2" speed supposedly represent. I just picked up the better weapons when they were available and went my merry way. I also think the difficulty spiked in a few places, though it's hard to say why now that I can go back and pillage each stage with ease. Finally, there was a bug in which after losing to the last boss, the game occasionally froze, disallowing me from returning to the world map. I also think you should make the option to skip the opening credits since they are relatively long.

Great game overall, fun and challenging with a wicked last boss. SHMUP on!

Good game

I'm not really sure what everyone is complaining about. It's not the innovative game of the year, but it's neither too hard to beat nor so easy I go without having died a few times. The upgrades are not insanely numerous, but they are plentiful enough and seem to work for me. Hell, I love the rubber gun. So I think it's perfectly fine as a game. I give you a 9 just to leave room for improvement.