Reviews for "SHMUP"

Almost =(

I felt almost like i was player Tyrian again.. almost..

The models are too big.
Missed a few more enemies.
Scenario was not very complex.

Great job! This is a nice flash game.


game play:4/5

comments: awsome game i love ALL of afro-ninja's stuff so good work.

Going back for 2nds

I think this a well made game, though some of the enemies are unoriginal, hope I'm not the only one who suspected the parasites to be from metroid, and how slow your ship moves compared to the others, who enjoy ramming you, is a bit unorthodox.

A couple things I would like to see in this would be being able to choose what lvl's up like att, speed, or armor.
And, I think it's a lil harsh on the player when they die, losing 2/3 of what you collected is quite a lot, and raises the difficulty.
I also don't recall being given the choice of what the difficulty might be.

Overall, 7/10, and here's hoping that you'll improve.


I like everything in this game, but I suggest to add more weapons and upgrades. Also it is a bit short one(((

Too hard!

Such an awesome game! Awesome setting, mechanics and just flat well done all except for one thing. This game is way too hard! Took me a while just to beat lvl 3. Finally i killed the second boss and started world 3 but ill quit for a while because im frustrated at loosing so much and having to play lvl over again so often for xp. Anyways good job but too tough for me.