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Reviews for "SHMUP"

It's terribly easy...

Need more bullets, simply... this is too basic of a shmup game, almost a shame to it.

You should add the bullet hell style like gigawing, etc...

I mean it was alright, and graphics were great, but too easy honestly.

To all the people who complained about dificulty:

I beat the final boss, and got all the medals.
U jelly?

Great fun and difficulty, but...

I loved playing this game yesterday and managed to make it to the second Black Hole level, but today my file is gone. It was auto-saving fine up until that point.

Also, the difficulty of the Black Hole is outrageous- as it should be for what should be the final area, but still.

Enjoyable until the Blackhole Level

I enjoyed this game up until the Blackhole level. After that it became impossible and frustrating, there is very little technique involved and seems to advocate level grinding on lower levels which is boring.

Epic Game!!!

havnet played a top down shooter in ages. loved the upgrades im playing level over trying get highscore. jus one question on the first area i (joint with a few others)had the topscore today wiv 69,205 i killed every ship on every level and didnt get hit so how do u get more points cuz last weeks scores r higher??????