Reviews for "Edd Egg - Duke"

I always break the rules




man the old game was just awesome hell i still have it for the nintendo 64 i know a guy that can play his theme song

I'm finding everyone who wrote a bad review!

Boy, Duke is going to be BUSY.

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id stil bang you with my penes

All outta it bubblegum

That made me laugh.

Duke Nukem wasn't a bad game. Just...Lacking.
Same weapons besides the golden 1911 variation, recycled catch phrases with a dozen new ones. The way he jumps...I mean really. Look in a mirror. And watch that fucker jump. Its embarrassing. What I did enjoy was classic duke nukem 3d controls, weapons and just plastering enemies on the ground in a red paste of blood and guts. I was never good at multiplayer in the first place but it was great. And being able to customize Duke's place was cool too.

Not saying I didn't like it but I'm not fond of it...It could of been so much better.

Great vid Eddegg. Don't stop the funny.