Reviews for "Edd Egg - Duke"

Eh not bad...

This is not a bad submisson but there is room for imporment. I kinda did not like how you did not really say exactly what she did not like about the game for don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Duke but i do know some funny things such as glitchs and bugs as well as stupid enemys that you could have made fun of. I did really like the voice acting though it really sounded like Duke witch was vary nice. I think its what made me like this flash most of all. I did not like how his voice seemed to fade out when ever you was to say "penus" for it did not really sound like how Duke would say it. All in a good flash and I enjoyed it but there is a bit of room for imporment. (7/10) (4/5)


Reminds me of the movie of Jay and Bob were they find that they made a movie with characters the same as them like exact replica of them is been filmed,they go see the producers to get money for using them, at the end they kick all the people ass for writing a bad review of the movie because the characters are the same as them so its like insulting them directly.Great movie because duke nukem is in it and he kicks ass.Gj.


kinda like, beating a dead horse really, the game was terrible and people keep saying it, sad really as the original duke 3d games were awesome, it wasen't the lack of dukes dialog, or his cheesy lines, it was well the gameplay that made the game suck.

In soviet russia

steroid man hunts YOU!

still that was funny


i love the game. oh and this video ;p