Reviews for "Edd Egg - Duke"

Wasn't funny

wasn't digging this. There isn't one good flash about duke out their, this one isn't a good one either, isn't funny, he never even used funny one liners, story is dumb, all it's about is Duke being butt hurt over a review of his game and honestly like chick said who didnt' say something bad about it? Game fucking sucks I liked it at first got married and after break from it see how bad it really is.

Also the animation isn't very good and well voice for Duke didn't sound very duke like.

Sorry for being harsh but I dont know why their cant be a single quality flash about duke nukem you would think their would be tons, like what mario has he has lots of funny ones, but duke hasn't got one good flash made by a decent artist.


Yesterday, Iwrote a bad review after finishing the game... I'm still recovering.


i like how he puts sun glasses on his sun glasses


It's funny, buh didn't Duke say he was all out of gum? Should have said yes to the gum...

DNF was...