Reviews for "Edd Egg - Duke"

You know.

The game it's pretty awesome but looks like some people just can't take this game as a joke.


While EDD EGG isn't a personal favorite, this flash was so true. Duke Nukem Forever was an awesome game, and every awesome person would say so. People who try to call it a bad game may have probably been offended by the game or just can't take great game. So this flash short is true, except the whole "who didn't give it a bad review" thing. So as the game said, after twelve &%*#ing the game is good. Hail to the king baby.


I thought Amy's going to turn into a werewolf and kick Duke's ass.
Also, this isn't quite witty.

You tell em :D

Awesome ! I'm not much of a stuborn guy. So I did like the game. It's problem is not that it's gameplay sucks because the game is an old school style shooter so only classic shooter fans like myself can understand that the game is not that bad. (well I admit that the multiplayer sucks) Anyway rate this review to show if you agree or not with my appinion.

Ain't it the truth?

I am surprised you did not make any jokes about how long the game took to make. It is pretty sad seeing as how the response for this game has generally been negative. In fact, people would probably only buy it because of how long it took to make. The animation and voicework were as great as ever. I knew I had to review something about the game that took the longest to make (it has to be, right?). The funniest part was probably when he was attacking Amy.

I was seriously not expecting female violence in this, but it's funnier this way. The jokes about his penis were good too. Dang, that dude has one scary bulging crotch. I would want to play that game only because of how long it took to make. It's kind of like "Snakes On A Plane" where people only watched it because of how popular it was on the Internet and its name.