Reviews for "Edd Egg - Duke"


The bubble gum was great! For the people who didn't get it, its because one of the quotes of Duke its "Is time to kick ass or chew bubble gum, and all out of gum"


The bad reviews to Duke Nukem: Forever are mainly for two reasons, that I know if...

Nostolgia, which I'm not surprised by. A lot of people will always think the original is better than any new one.
And the second one. Sexism bullshit! A bunch of whiney bitches complaining about how sexist it is! When they don't know what the hell they're talking about. Little known fact, Duke Nukem... WAS WRITTEN BY TWO WOMEN!

All in all, it's nice to see one of those bad reviewers, even if it is animated, get kicked in the face! >:D

Hahaha :)

The game sucks :)

Drive By Comedy

Haha, this was as funny as it could have been in how short it is, however, I thought this was a really good episode. However, I still prefer the longer ones. Also, I really have to compliment Adam Harrington on the voice of Duke Nukem which actually sounded really close to the original voice of Jon St. Jon (I think that's his name, I apoligize if it isn't.)
On a side note, why did everyone Duke Nukem Forever so much? I didn't buy the game, (I wanted to) but I got Halo: Reach instead. I played the demo and I enjoyed it. I'll have to read some reviews of it eventually and maybe ask some people that reviewed it why they didn't like it. (If they didn't get killed by Duke yet.)
Overall, a very quick yet incredibly funny short.


Edd sounded like he was calling Duke "Joke Nukem"