Reviews for "Edd Egg - Duke"

Hail to the King

i found it quite funny, this is my type of humor, i really enjoyed it

the reason why the reason why im not giving it a perfect score is that the voice acting, on the part of the stick man could use some work

don't get me wrong his accent is quite well, but there were some words which i couldn't understand like when he said, "show some respect , he is a duke", i miss took duke for joke

but other than the voice acting the flash is over all exceptional, sure it isnt the best in terms of character detail, but what truly mattered in this vid was content, which you didnt fail to deliver

Do It

i agree whole heartedly with test subject he or she has good points


The humor is subjective of course, personally, they never made me laugh out loud, but I'm not going to take that into account. I'm sure there's people out there who enjoy the jokes, I'm just not one of them. What I am going to critique you on, though, is the absolute lack of evolution in your work.

Honestly, the voice-acting is the only thing that has been consistently decent in this old-baked series. The art and animation have been stuck in mediocrity since episode one. When will you finally decide to pick up some correct shading, drop the ugly strokes and shape tool. I can understand if you're not an amazing artist, but at least try doing something new once. After so many years, you're still animating a stick figure that doesn't even have an actual mouth, just his teeth bumping up and down.

Using motion tweening is fine. There's loads of cartoons that use it, such as Madness, South Park or the animated segments in the recent Alice: Madness Returns. However, all of these cartoons had a distinct style in art direction. In this series, it seems incredibly cheap and not blended in well at all.

This is critique to help you improve. The series is growing stale, and you know it is. Try something new. Anything that could possibly make you, as an artist, grow and not just let you stagnate on the spot by having Edd Egg act annoying, yet again.

(Place a random title name here, oh wait...)

You guys are really bored...

I don't have any problem with it except it was really short. :x


I loved the voice acting and the dialogue. It was pretty hilarious.

The characters could stand to have a little more definition aesthetically, but other than that everything was pretty nice. Very smooth animation.