Reviews for "Edd Egg - Duke"

All outta it bubblegum

That made me laugh.

Duke Nukem wasn't a bad game. Just...Lacking.
Same weapons besides the golden 1911 variation, recycled catch phrases with a dozen new ones. The way he jumps...I mean really. Look in a mirror. And watch that fucker jump. Its embarrassing. What I did enjoy was classic duke nukem 3d controls, weapons and just plastering enemies on the ground in a red paste of blood and guts. I was never good at multiplayer in the first place but it was great. And being able to customize Duke's place was cool too.

Not saying I didn't like it but I'm not fond of it...It could of been so much better.

Great vid Eddegg. Don't stop the funny.


Raunchy as always and funny. Nice use of Megadeth's Duke Nukem theme!!!

that IP

needs to be forgotten....... one of the worst shooters of the decade IMO

I would still bang her...

With my penis :D

Great video, keep up the good stuff!

Ha clever....

i thought it was going to be at first a stupid duke bashing... but it was actually really funny (I liked the game, w/e)