Reviews for "Born Fighters-lite ver."


Never been a fan of arcade-style fighting games but that didn't stop me from noticing how well made this game was. The animation wasn't super fluid and the sound effects were sort of repetitive, but the art and gameplay were amazing. I'm probably one of those nine people who don't have a smartphone but this would be a fun game to play on the go. Hope you finish this amazing little game. One flaw I found, or maybe it was just me, I spent like 10 seconds getting beat up because my buttons didn't work unless I looked at the controls, is that intentional? Or is that just me?

Neochilds responds:

@self-Insertion, thank you for your reply. I was not intentionally trying to force anyone just trying make the game open to all, but that is why in the controls I highlighted the 4 buttons at the top and said important. I will take that into consideration and make sure that I activate the keyboard from start next time and leave the other buttons for another time. Again thank you for taking the time to play the game. Only I would know that though since I made the game ARGH!

Pretty Good

i had fun with this game its really good. its really interesting and very good concept and exepctional execution.

Good game.

Neochilds responds:

@nxdc11 Thank you NXDC11. Glad you were able to figure it out. I was simply trying to make a game that can be played on both your pc or a smart phone. I think next time I will simply just make it a one version game makes it easier for people to grasp.

Great Game

My only gripe is the color outfits when you fight yourself. Besides that it's a great game, can't wait for the Android version!

Neochilds responds:

@clockwork77, that will be implemented in the fix for this game. Thank you again for your honest review. This will help to improve the game or the next game.

Good, but needs a bit more effort.

The game is good, and it has pretty solid controls, but you need to change some things like:
1. changing the colors or outfits of characters when they fight themselves because its hard to tell who's who. In story mode you could just make it so the characters can't fight themselves.
2. You really need combos or something because the fighting can get a little bland.
But overall, it was good.

Neochilds responds:

@bashfrog thank you for your honest review, I will on my next outing exclude the doppelganger. I have consider that but I was not that great of a programmer to make it work properly. This is actually my first game so I would have to say I did ok for my first game.

Pretty good over all.

To fix: Hit detection needs some fine tuning, maybe some more varied sound effects, and visual interface could use some cleaning up to make things a little more defined.

The good: Final looks like it will have a large selection of varied characters to choose from, controls seem to be kept fairly simple (good thing) and a streamlined, straightforward concept.

What impressed me most: The creative attack variations and animations, (much ingenuity there) the varied and unique fighting styles, and I love this artwork.

Final Verdict: A bit of polish, and this my end up in my Favorites.

Neochilds responds:

@spyder311 will do on version 2 with an update to the build a more polish user friendly bad arse game.