Reviews for "Born Fighters-lite ver."

Hard Work At Its Best!

Wow you must've put a ton of effort into this game! Good job! You have a lot of potential as a human being, keep it up!

Neochilds responds:

There was alot put into the game but, the important thing is to ensure that the player can enjoy the game. Like I stated earlier there are many take aways from this. Don't make the game unfriendly and problematic to learn, also make sure that the game works properly at the start don't implement something without understanding that your audience cannot get into your head to know what you are thinking.

Good, but needs a bit more effort.

The game is good, and it has pretty solid controls, but you need to change some things like:
1. changing the colors or outfits of characters when they fight themselves because its hard to tell who's who. In story mode you could just make it so the characters can't fight themselves.
2. You really need combos or something because the fighting can get a little bland.
But overall, it was good.

Neochilds responds:

@bashfrog thank you for your honest review, I will on my next outing exclude the doppelganger. I have consider that but I was not that great of a programmer to make it work properly. This is actually my first game so I would have to say I did ok for my first game.

Pretty good over all.

To fix: Hit detection needs some fine tuning, maybe some more varied sound effects, and visual interface could use some cleaning up to make things a little more defined.

The good: Final looks like it will have a large selection of varied characters to choose from, controls seem to be kept fairly simple (good thing) and a streamlined, straightforward concept.

What impressed me most: The creative attack variations and animations, (much ingenuity there) the varied and unique fighting styles, and I love this artwork.

Final Verdict: A bit of polish, and this my end up in my Favorites.

Neochilds responds:

@spyder311 will do on version 2 with an update to the build a more polish user friendly bad arse game.

Cool Game!!!

I enjoy the game!! great art work. I really like your style of artwork and the concept of the characters in a street fighting game. At first I didn't understand how to play it because I didnt read the instructions, but after reading and playing it. I LOVE IT!!!! The game have the potential to go far.. love the joystick option, can't wait to see it on mobile phones!!! Awesome job dude!!

Neochilds responds:

@tweetypooh10 unfortunately I had to remove that joystick option as it cause the game to suffer. I will see what can be done on the next outing to make the game better.


the game has potential but only like on or 2 moves even seem to hit the opponent.

Neochilds responds:

@comabeam I guess it is time to simply make this game a keyboard only game. I can see where these responses are leading.