Reviews for "H3I5T"

pretty good, could be better.

It needs mouse control and the ability to shoot more than just strait ahead...the cameras are impossible to get around and the power ups are too far apart to keep my interest for long. I would love this game better if it were less white and if the ability to aim was installed...

Also, the insults when I fail turn me off really bad. If it gave examples of how to better play the game it would be better. One last piece of advise would be to allow me to choose where to start after death based on where I have already visited...also how do you cut the janitors finger off? Also why spawn me in front of like 13 baddies? Also how about a map in game to see where I have been and what I need to do...think legend of zelda...

pretty good

really impressive could be better i just don't know anything about making games to say how maybe if it was "3-D".

Too clunky. :/

Awesome concept, but the gameplay is just too difficult to get used to. And as others have said, it's pretty much impossible to be stealthy. Beautiful game design though. :D

Newgrounds needs more games like this

The best game I played in Newgrounds for a while.

Also a bug in RESTLESS-medal. I got it by completing a game I saved yesterday(shouldn't work that way?). Also I got the PROFESSIONAL-medal by beating the game in much more time than 15 minutes(more than 20).

More frustrating than its worth

Fun game, difficult but fun. I had to quit after spending 45 minutes trying to jump from the boxes in the cooler back into the vent. If anybody has any suggestions I would be more than happy to listen to the.