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Reviews for "H3I5T"

I like what you tried to do

But the stealth system was just terrible. The fact that the second you see them they see you is too hard, and doesn't leave you any time to do anything but shoot them. You can't sneak up behind anyone unless they go pee. Loved the main character though :P This is a great game, and a lot of work went into it, but it just doesn't seem like my cup of tea.

rusça olmas%u0131 biraz kötü

rusça olmasa daha iyi olurdu

Despite some russian language flaws.

It' s rather interesting game, It was certanly hard but extremly addictive , and main character , let' s just say, for some reason I cannot stop staring at her.

sorry... But... Its not good enough

well to tell you this I made it through the vent and then I was attacked and killed then killed them after,
then going out the the 2 doors that lead to a room that had a door with a security panel and then I thought a guard came out cause I made some noise but then I realized that a guard keeps coming out and it makes it hard to come back and forth to just get killed, I mean just killing them will help a little but they don't drop a thing, not even some health items and bullets, plus they even got better aim than the soldiers even though they don't look like one

and yeah just like the other reviews
its complicated at 1st and controls are hard and you forgot to mention that you can change the controls in Options took me a while to remember that there was a pause button, cause at the starting of the game it took me some time to find that control instructions thing

, and after that I tried to go for the mission but I didn't notice, a long thin ice wall was blocking my way and I never noticed it in a while then I remembered there was a jump button(because of the floating complicated control board the positions of the labeling of controls are hard to understand

also when trying to sneak around its impossible, the others are right about that
I tried to experiment on all sneaking ways the game has given(like in MGS(crawling))
-Hiding behind a bush = fail
-Hiding behind a tree(even thought its thin) = fail
-Crawling behind the guard and he walks a little too fast and/or turns suddenly and sees me= fail
-Slowly walking behind the guard the result is the same way as crawling
-Running from afar to the guard from behind to knife him even = Fail
-Sticking to the wall and strafing under the camera to avoid sight = unbelievable FAIL
-Crawling under the cam still = FAIL
-Running across camera at full speed still = Plausible Fail

the only win I guess
is hiding behind any wall
I am still not sure about the car and pink bus

and I wanna critique the game:
yeah I just found out that you were the one who made/or part of
NiN10DOH! and no wonder I find the quality and animation style familiar
anyway the game I find it ugly the walls you can go pass it but not fully passed it
like a guard that was there and I didn't know what was shooting me until I looked at the radar and stared shooting at the wall and found bullets and etc.
and the running is almost uncontrolable and find it hard to use
and some of the jumping when your sticking on to something like a wall or a small table even when your infront of the bumper of the car ,when you jump its shorter and hard to time it when going over the wall part
and oh another thing I wish you could make a way like a control or you use your mouse to look around
like to look up and down or to use to aim your gun(yeah they're right this needs a better aiming system) and the reason without looking whats on the bottom I jumped over that tall wall, I found myself in the middle of 4 men 2 in front 1 each on both sides shooting at me and needing an aiming system for us to shoot at a target above us or below us cause I usually died when the enemy are on stairs, as i walked towards them on the stairs it made me slower and I couldn't even get to knife the enemy

in other words I want to say that it still needs more fixing and testing
i mean I can't even get pass the security panel and have no idea what the code is
and about the other control panel for temperature, what that for anyway?


One of the best games on newgrounds
the 3d engine works quite well for flash and the puzzles were quite good,
I enjoyed exploring the area and trying to collect everything, also liked the effort put into the russian

some of the puzzles might need an explanation at the start and a simple list of objectives when you open the inventory might help people feel more focused,

the one thing that annoys me the most is that this game wont get rated at highly as it should due to all the retarded people on here who wont even give it a chance because its not some stupid click as fast as you can game or doesnt have the same controls as other games,

I hope you make a squeal and maybe add in some sort of exp system for a skill tree or a shop of some kind