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Reviews for "H3I5T"

how the hell

are you supposed to dust for prints or get past cameras???

I understand

I get what you were trying to do. And tell you the truth, you did better than most other people would here. But you should have waited and polished this game; it had a lot of potential and you blew it by rushing it. Finish it up, re-submit it. I guarantee it will get a better rating. A tip: Make the controls and AIs a bit easier and more sophisticated.

Lots of Potential In this Game - Bad Execution.

This game had enormous amount of potential, with a third person shooter engine, I can see the attempt was to create a stealth game.
The Problem: It's impossible to perform stealth.
First off, one thing that helps make stealth work in games, is you can see most of the area you're in. The Fog of War makes this impossible to do, and with the lack of any additional equipment that SHOULD be available for a spy on this type of operation, this game is absolutely impossible to do.
In all honesty, this game's ideal shot really high, but came tumbling down.

Cant really say...

I started to get used to the controls then i lost control of her and she just started crouching jumping and shooting, i refreshed to try again but still lost control of her. So I cant say if its good or not since this huge problem occurs over and over for me


first and formost, what the hell is this? Its hard to go into detail and explain WHY this is so bad, it's simply unplayable.