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Reviews for "H3I5T"

It looks amazing!

Very good game indeed, controls are messy but you added a feature to edit the controls, I which though this game had a way to choose the graphics quality :/ Crappy computers like mine run the game annoyingly slow, I do hope to see you add that.

A nice idea but....

It is a nice idea you have here.
But it is however hampered by these incredibly confusing controls.
Please do something about it, the game gets way too hard quickly with the S key as the shoot button.

Solid foundation...

While the idea of a 3D infiltration game was brilliant, I think the overall execution wasn't. The foundation is solid, but I'm left with the feeling that this was only half baked.

First of all, the controls.
The default controls weren't too hard to get used to and the rearranging option probably came in useful for some users (but I was too lazy to go about reconfiguring everything).
In the beginning, I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go. Everywhere I walked, I was walking in the same spot because of this invisible barrier...until I jumped over this fence thing. Perhaps having an objective marker on the map would guide the players?
As for the start of the game, I felt like there should have been an indicator on how to use items. I was wandering around trying to figure out how to get fingerprints or use the key card (when it was just the inventory button).
Also, I couldn't get very far in the game but what was the use of the crawl option? I tried to sneak past enemies (which I should mention, I could not see the majority of them before they came running towards me) but they always saw me. Maybe it was to crawl into vents or whatever later on? I don't know.
Aiming was pretty hard...although I just had to face the enemy, even the slightest deviation had me readjusting my aim. Thank goodness they didn't respawn after dying heh.
Lockpicking was hard. I do know that the little bars have to be alligned so that the cylinder part isn't blocked by them from turning but I wasn't quite sure on how to get them to stay. The wrench wasn't holding them in place. Maybe a little hint on how to go about doing it would benefit the players.

The game has potential, but it needs a lot more work and polishing. Nevertheless, I was quite surprised to see how smoothly it ran.

Great game...

But it needs a walkthrough or at least more instruction. I'm all the way up to the thermal laser grid room, and after that I haven't a fucking clue what to do. Parkour'd over the wall using the cars, dove in through the vents in the art room to the other room, got the donuts, baited the guard and let him smudge the keypad, then used the 5 keypad keys in order of most to least smudged (less powder = later key), and managed to, by guessing and trial and error (still not sure how the fuck) lockpicked the doors, opened the 2nd elevator, but then the thermal grid fucks me over. Not a clue what to do, I've scoured EVERY room for any method I can use, I've tried crawling, sprinting, diving in the pool, everything. Seriously, walkthrough or more instruction.

Aside from that, pretty good game, although the objectionable content is high, but that's newgrounds for you.

9/10, 5/5.

door code

i´m stucked at the door with the code, can anyone help me with this or just give me the code?thankss