Reviews for "H3I5T"

It's a great game but...

The name sucks. :/

Doesn't load, unable to play.

When it becomes playable for me, i'll do a real review, but this is just some feedback so you can improve the functionality.

Potential but bad controls

I think that the game has potential but a decent set of controls are necessary. I would suggest to use the mouse instead of all the key's. Because this makes the game irritating.

One of the worst games I have ever endured

Seriously....what is this i don't even this is a horrendous game and i will tell you why.
First things first you start off in a random location in the middle of nowhere you are given no information on how or where you have to go other than your a women wearing revealing clothing (I'm surprised you don't freeze to death ) and that you a gun and a knife and you should go kill stuff and steal.....maybe judging from the title.

Anyway I first go and walk around and try and find out where I have to go unfortunately we have tons of fog in the middle of nowhere stopping are vision of wide open areas, however that doesn't stop guards noticing you at every instant and gunning you down. That reminds me the guards seem to notice you regardless of position or hiding spot.

Now take a game like tenchu in that guards would only sight you if you in a vicinity of them and if they saw you straight in front of there line of vision but in this the game the guards sight you regardless of were you are heck even if your BEHIND A DAMN CAR then can see you leading me to believe the enemy AI is completely broken, now you could try to go behind them but there movement pattern is to erratic to attempt.

Now for the graphics....this game says its 3-d however you may notice that the player is not 3-d but looks more like a card board cut out given animation, in fact now I know why you can't hide behind anything. The objects are just like paper except the adjust to your exact line of vision to give it a 3-d effect but this doesn't help with the stealth because you go THROUGH the objects, even with the 3-d objects you can merge yourself into a car or a WALL heck your head can stick out of the floor by jumping into stuff due to bad physics, However for the scenery graphics still look like horrible blocks mess and with the paper scenery makes it worse.

And what is with the cameras, SERIOUSLY cameras don't have the ability so see from the side of its lens when looking in a completely different direction.

Overall this game is a mess Bad graphics and physics, extremely bad built game play issues and no plot or story other than you have a gun and a knife and go kill and shoot shit as well as steal stuff..... if you can make it that far and then just add some Russian theme in there for good measure.

Verdict: Graphics 1 game play 1 story/plot 0 2/10

P.s Try reworking the graphics, physics and overall gameplay

I like it!!

Now that you can edit the controls its much better... and another thing, what has to do if you are or not a comunist, to do a good game... sorry for my english. greetings from argentina