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Reviews for "H3I5T"


Lol so many people are giving this a star just because they are jelious that not all games are in English ^^
anyway, good game i like that its Russian..
Ps. theres something between the legs of the woman in loading screen.. you can see it when she moves lol :DD

Good Concept, Bad controls

I like the idea of merging espionage with robbery as mechanics in a game, and the way you've done it here is simple and fairly intuitive. You do have a problem with the camera going through walls, but that's not something I would expect from anything done on this scale.

No where this game fails for me is in the control scheme. Whenever you have a game like this that requires players to memorize a more complex set of controls, it is important to make note of genre standards. In the case of shooting games, this standard is to use W and S for forward and Backward, A and D for strafing, using the mouse to rotate and aim, and the mouse buttons to attack.

In your case, you could have used the arrow keys (and the keys around them) in lieu of the mouse perhaps, but it is important to stick to the standard as much as possible as this will make your game more accessible and less frustrating initially. No one likes memorizing a new control map.

Capable but flawed...

Technically speaking, this is a very impressive game. There are few flash games that attempt a 3-D perspective, and the author deserves credit for experimenting with it.

However, the technical aspects of the game are poorly suited to the chosen gameplay. The short draw distance makes it very difficult to attempt any sort of stealth or avoid the guards. It also makes navigation difficult - something that might be helped by a map. Additionally, some elements, such as lockpicking, are rather unintuitive and poorly explained.

Overall, I think that the game would benefit from focusing upon/expanding its action elements and abandoning some of the more complex mechanics until the bugs can be worked out. The in-game aesthetic reminded me of older games like Wolfenstein 3D, and it would be interesting to see a game like this in the shooter tradition.

this game is not good

it is buggy(for example if i hit the knife button it will keep knifing),and for some reason I can't figure out what to do,this game has lots of potential but fails

Its rare type of flash games today , but...

Learn Russian language better first!Or hire a translator instead.