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Reviews for "H3I5T"

I didn't play this game for long

This game is amazing, but its just to slow on a mid-speed computer. Still, this game is amazing. Review time anyone? :)
Gameplay: The gameplay was fun. The most flexible and fun Flash Game I've ever played. I've never played a game this amazing. The graphics were nice, as well was the poorly drawn yet still appealing ass in your fading point. Anyways, this game was great. Free roam, and yet only 23.8 Mb. This is the only game that has EVER gotten a 10 in gameplay from me.Can you please make this downloadable so I can play it lag-free? Thanks buddy.
Overall Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: The graphics are good. So much put into this. Just amazing.
Overall Graphics: 10/10
Music/Audio: I enjoyed the music. It was easy to listen to while playing. Great game music. Good work.
Overall Music/Audio: 10/10
Lasting Appeal: And your perfect review dies here :( It was lasting appeal, but not enough to look past the lag and play. I know the lag is my fault, but a lasting appeal is a game that I would play to the end no matter. Sorry, buddy. You still got the highest rating I've ever given!
Overall Lasting Appeal: 9.8/10
Overall Review: This game was so great! I loved it.
Overall Rating: 9.95
Grade: A+++


Maybe I'm missing something, but despite the implied stealth component, there seems to be no stealth what so ever. I can use my gun to kill a guy right next to them and send what seems to be the sound bar well into the red and still remain undetected. At the same time, crawling doesn't seem to have any benefit nor does hiding behind trees, they seem to spot you anyway, I just end up going through guns blazing, until I die and then repeat until all the enemies are clear.

And the other thing would be the controls. While I can get used to the all keyboard controls, I feel run/walk should be toggle, like crawl, rather than hold.

Nice attempt at a 3D game, but I feel its still got some issues.

Nice game dude

I enjoyed the game! it has no visible flaws in graphics or gameplay whatsoever, the only two things that bug me are a bit trivial: The way the game presents Russian stereotypes (I'm Russian) is a bit over the top the fact that half the games main menu backround is coloured in several shades of red complete with red stars and the Kremlin and a scantily dressed Rusian spy straight out of a James Bond movie, the other thing is what's up with all the evil Russian mob bosses? it kind of seems a bit cliche to make every russian enemy seem like either the maniacal unrealistically cunning criminal organization mastermind or some Silver age of comic books knockoff super villain created by a secret soviet organization to take over the world. (please don't missunderstand i really enjoyed the game and all and i hope i don't sound like some raging butthurt fanboy).

Good but needs work

Nice attempt at a 3D game. The only thing that bugs the crap out of me are the controls. Like someone already stated using the mouse would really help with navigation and other things. Otherwise its a good game so far. (I've only made it to the front gate, controls are F'n me up)

Good but...

This game is very well done and so funny but it's very confusing, the controls are very bast and there are a lot of bugs. Maybe if you improve this mistakes to meke it funnier and maybe add a dot to aim or using your mouse will make the game easier to be played.